As the Malagasy remedy, "Covid-Organics" begins to gain more and more international attention, the World Health Organization (WHO) published in a press release yesterday that it supports a traditional medicine based on on scientific evidence. 

“  WHO recognizes that traditional complementary and alternative medicine has many benefits. Africa also has a long traditional history and traditional healers who play an important role in the care of populations,  â€we can read in this WHO press release. Artemisia annua, the main ingredient in Covid-Organics, is also mentioned; "  Medicinal plants such as artemisia annua are considered as possible treatments for Covid-19, but trials should be carried out to assess their effectiveness and determine their undesirable effects " For WHO, Africans deserve to use drugs tested according to the standards that apply to drugs made for people in the rest of the world. "  Even when treatments come from traditional practice and from nature, it is essential to establish their effectiveness and their safety through rigorous clinical trials  " maintains the WHO. 

89 products from the traditional pharmacopoeia . For the past two decades, WHO has worked with several countries to ensure the safe and effective development of traditional medicine in Africa, including by providing financial resources and technical support. Clinical trials have led to the marketing of 89 products from the traditional pharmacopoeia that meet established international and national certification standards. 43 of these products developed in 14 countries are also registered on the national lists of essential drugs, according to what is indicated in the WHO press release. " These products are now part of the arsenal that treats patients with a wide range of diseases including malaria, opportunistic HIV-related infections, diabetes, sickle cell anemia and hypertension  . ” With the support of WHO, a large part of the countries of the African continent has adopted national policies in the field of traditional medicine at present. 

Thus, in these times when efforts are being made to find a treatment with Covid-19, the WHO recalls that caution must remain in order not to fall into misinformation about the effectiveness of certain remedies. "  Many plants and substances are offered when they do not meet minimum standards for quality, safety and efficacy, and there is no factual evidence to demonstrate compliance with these standards Warns the WHO, insisting that the use of products intended for the treatment of Covid-19 when they have not been the subject of strict investigation, can put the populations in danger and the prevent the application of measures such as hand washing or physical distancing; cardinal elements of Covid-19 prevention. Finally, this press release lets us know that the organization welcomes every opportunity to collaborate with countries and researchers for the development of new treatments and even encourages collaboration in order to develop effective and safe therapies that can be used in Africa and other countries.