The Director General of the Malagasy Institute for Applied Research has issued a press release to deny false information concerning the composition of this remedy.

"  Covid-Organics is 62% composed of Artemisia and other medicinal plants with antiseptic properties, bronchial thinning agent used in the composition of traditional remedies for years " This is what the Malagasy Institute for Applied Research (IMRA) says through its director general, Andrianjara Charles, in a press release published yesterday. For the first time since the discovery of this improved traditional remedy, the IMRA reveals this percentage but nevertheless refrains from releasing the other components to secure its product. We just know that other medicinal plants endemic to Madagascar are added to it. Since the official presentation of this remedy based on Raokandro Malagasy, controversies and false information around its composition circulate on social networks. This is the reason why the Director General of IMRA published a disclaimer following a "fake news" which circulated on social networks, revealing the composition, the forms, indications and dosage of Tambavy CVO. " I wish to declare, as Director General of IMRA, that this document is not official,  ”he said. And he maintained that "  the Malagasy Institute for Applied Research does not guarantee the veracity of the composition and declines any responsibility related to this document  ". Indeed, these false compositions risk promoting self-medication, and could encourage people to make their own homemade remedy.

A real formulation. "  We denounce these acts likely to discredit the research work carried out by Madagascan scientists who contributed to the discovery of the Covid-Organics formula. It also damages the image of IMRA, which has a national and international reputation  , ”maintains Andrianjara Charles. He also wanted to explain that "  IMRA has many laboratories dedicated to medical and pharmaceutical research focused on ethnobotany, traditional pharmacopoeia, chemistry, biology and the manufacture of drugs  ". Continuing in his explanation, IMRA Number One adds that " the center works on the endemic flora of Madagascar. He is a full member of the Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie. And it is a medical and pharmaceutical research and training center founded in 1957 by Professor Albert Rakoto Ratsimamanga who is an eminent figure in Science  ”. A way for him to remind everyone of the experience and know-how of IMRA in terms of scientific research. Moreover, in this press release, the Director General of IMRA wanted to reassure the general public as well as national and international observers by affirming that " Covid-Organics (Tambavy CVO) is manufactured on the basis of a real formulation developed by IMRA, and has been the subject of studies by our laboratories. This remedy is in accordance with the marketing authorizations obtained for this purpose  ”. This statement thus contradicts the information according to which this improved traditional remedy was not discovered by the IMRA but was imposed since elsewhere.

Davis R