With 45 new cases announced on Saturday and 21 others reported yesterday, the progression of the coronavirus in Madagascar is accelerating with 66 new cases in two days, and a total of 304 cases.

 The most feared scenario has just happened. Madagascar records its first death, which occurred over the weekend. A 57-year-old man, employed at the Morafeno hospital center in Toamasina, in charge of guarding the car park, has just succumbed after having developed a serious form of Covid-19. This patient was diabetic and also suffered from high blood pressure. This first death was learned with dismay by Malagasy public opinion, yesterday, if so far, the country has managed to avoid the worst with more than a hundred healings recorded since the start of the epidemic.


Antananarivo and Toamasina record the majority of the confirmed cases of the last days: 66 new cases in two days, including 45 announced on Saturday May 16 and 21 others, announced yesterday, May 17, 2020. These two localities always remain at the heart of response actions, in the face of an accelerating epidemic. Of the 45 new cases announced last Saturday by the spokesperson for the operational command center (CCO), Pr Vololontiana Hanta, 16 are contact cases located in manarintsoa Isotry, contaminated by a single person. Yesterday, out of the 21 cases announced, 16 were confirmed positive in Antananarivo, but all came from Toamasina by managing to reach Antananarivo despite the entry and exit prohibition measures in force in the districts affected by the coronavirus. Corruption is therefore not unrelated to this situation.

 Bar of 300 cases.Eyes are now on the other two patients with Covid-19 complications, including one at Morafeno hospital in Toamasina, and another at Anosiala hospital in Antananarivo. The next few days may be decisive for these patients whose condition is stabilized for the moment. With the latest statistics released yesterday, Madagascar now exceeds the 300 case mark of Covid-19. As of May 17, 2020, the number of confirmed cases is 304, of which 190 are being treated while the number of cures is 114. Faced with the threat still posed by the coronavirus, the spokesperson for the CCO of then reiterate the importance of respecting barrier measures, not without stressing that vulnerable people must be extra vigilant.

Social distancing.With the rapid increase in the number of positive cases over the past week, the inhabitants of Antananarivo and Toamasina mainly, but also those of Moramanga, are required to comply more strictly with the barrier measures. If wearing a mask is better respected, social distancing remains largely ignored, or neglected in public spaces where everyday life, before 1 p.m., resembles in all respects the pre-pandemic train. Indeed, faced with the threat, the behavior of populations in the areas affected by the coronavirus, paradoxically remains at risk, particularly in terms of social distancing of at least 1 meter. The instructions which consist in avoiding all overcrowding conditions are particularly poorly observed in the markets and in the places where emergency aid is distributed, particularly in post offices where beneficiaries receive their aid in the form of a cash transfer. A deconfinement that does not say his name, while the country is still in a state of health emergency, for another 15 days more.

Hanitra R.